Kashu-do (歌手道) is a Japanese term that I,  Dr. Jean-Ronald LaFond, invented based on martial arts traditions, which mirrors the traditional principles of classical singing. As Karate-do means “The Way of the Empty Hand,” Kashu-do means “The Way of the Singer.”  It is a philosophy that equates singing with principles of lifelong development requiring Faith in one’s talents and purpose, Courage to pursue one’s objectives and Patience to see those objectives come to fruition.   Singing, like any activity, can be a great deal of fun. If that is the only purpose, then one can have a great time singing his or her favorite songs and arias in the shower and at house parties without concern. If however quality singing is the objective, one needs guidance and practice. You the singer must decide how well you wish to sing and how much you are willing to invest in voice lessons and most importantly in focused practice to become a singer of quality. And even at the highest level, singing can be an avocation as opposed to a means of making a living. I have the joy of teaching amateurs (as opposed to dilettantes) who achieve a very high level of technical ability and musicianship. 

For you, the passionate Amateur singer (the one who loves singing), this is the place to discover how far you can go.

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The moment you decide that singing will become your profession, the story becomes more complicated, because 1) the business of singing does not always conform to the art of singing 2) there are precious few jobs 3) the competition is fierce and not always fair. Beyond voice lessons, Dr. LaFond has been guiding professional singers for over 30 years and as an experienced singer, makes it his business to understand the in and outs of the job and helps you build strategies not only for the next performance but for the coming career and for the unexpected turns on the journey!


(Kashu-do Principles)

This is one of the first piece of advice I share with professional singers! In a field that is saturated with singers and more coming every year, the way to come out of this zombie apocalypse is to shine a light on you! How do you do that? 1) Make yourself desirable by developing not just a good technique but a technique that addresses the specific nature of your voice, your personality and your artistry. The fundamentals of singing are the same for everyone but the way they are applied are as unique as the singer. Technique is not merely a set of exercises. It is a journey to discover who you are vocally. 2) Be a musician and an actor, not just a sound machine. A great voice grabs our attention. Artistry keeps us interested. 3) Be yourself in every situation. But also be your best self! Be prepared, be healthy, be positive. That way when you walk into an audition, you are the light that attracts attention. Otherwise, you are the beggar pursuing the gatekeepers for a job and like a moth to the light, one gets burned.

For you the professional singer who seeks a technical approach specific to your needs and a game plan besides, this is the place for you.

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For you who are just curious, Kashu-do offers a wealth of free content including close to 500 blog posts on singing (scroll to the top of any page and follow by clicking the icon on the right), our upcoming video podcast, chiaro & scuro, and occasional open Zoom sessions called The Doctor Is In, in which you may ask Dr. LaFond any question related to vocal technique and pedagogy!

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