Resonance in Singing: Voice Building through Acoustic Feedback

I am very excited to inform you, my readers, about the release of a wonderful book: Resonance in Singing, by Donald Gray Miller, PhD. Dr. Miller is one of the developers of the pioneering vocal acoustic software, Voce Vista, which I have used here often. Dr. Miller is a former professional singer who sang in theaters in Europe and in the United States. He is also a trained scientist and voice teacher who devoted the last three decades to developing tools to further vocal pedagogy. Voce Vista is already an impressive legacy that assures his place in the firmament of vocal pedagogy. This book is even more significant, for it opens the basics of acoustic analysis to the layman, in a very user-friendly manner. The latest version of the spectrum analysis software Voce Vista Pro is included with the book.

I cannot think of a more important vocal pedagogy manual in the last twenty years and although I lack the eloquence to properly recommend this wonderful book, I hope the sincerity of my endorsement is clear. I encourage you to buy this book, whether you are already well versed in vocal acoustics or are completely new to the discipline. I also encourage you to pass this information to friends in the field.

It is my deepest hope that teachers and singers who have been intimidated by vocal science will avail themselves of this very approachable tool.

It has been my personal privilege to know Donald Miller and to learn from the wellspring of information that comes from his very fertile mind. His generosity of spirit is felt in every page of this book. It is obviously his hope to share the information he has uncovered over these many years of hard work. I am certain that any teacher who makes this book a part of his/her library and uses the information in it will grow immensely in the ability to diagnose vocal faults and in developing remedial strategies.

Jean-Ronald LaFond, DMA
August 5, 2008.

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