Keeping in touch

Hello Friends,

Between my master class in Berlin, dealing with an interminable cold (finally starting to show signs of saying goodbye) and an eye irritation that makes looking at the computer screen a bit uncomfortable, I have had to take a little time off from posting. But be assured I have lots to share.

The master class was a small but very informative event including some excellent singers, our constant Blog friend, Martin Berggren and the developer of Voce Vista, Donald Miller.  Much was discussed, learned.  I am looking to do a longer class perhaps during the summer when people are more apt to travel.

I am already comparing acoustic information from Pavarotti, Bjoerling, Gigli, Lauri-Volpi and Corelli arguably the dominant tenors of the 20th century. They did a lot right and very similarly. Much to discuss.

Not to leave the ladies out, I am also doing acoustic analysis on the middle voices of the likes of Nilsson, Milanov, Eleanor Steber and others who demonstrate excellent balance in the middle.

All voice types will be covered ultimately.

It will be a very busy month for me, but I intend to leave time in the evenings for regular posts. You can be sure there will be good quality clips as well of yours truly as the development of the tenor voice is showing very presentable results.

Sorry for the dead cyberspace the past week.  Back online soon!



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