Introducing two new bloggers

The list of blogs I follow are listed on the right side column this blog. I wanted to bring your attention to two relatively new blogs from two colleagues I respect greatly.

Claudia Frielander and I were chosen for the NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Internship program for young voice teachers, together in 1999.  We taught in each other’s company for ten days straight and developed a respect for each other that remains vital until now.  I have been enjoying her blogposts extremely over the past month and feel that the readers of this blog would enjoy her insights as well. She blogs from her website under the very apt title, The Liberated Voice. Claudia is a insightful pedagogue and a very gifted writer as well.

Brian Lee frequently posts his vocal wisdom on NFCS. He inaugurated his blog in September of 2009 and routinely brings unusual insights.  I have come to respect Brian for the consistent high quality of his writing on vocal and pedagogical issues. He blogs through blogger under the title, Voice Teacher Singer Student.  

I hope you enjoy these bloggers as I do. Their writings add a lot to the conversation.

As for yours truly, I just discovered a program that encodes Youtube clips directly to wav format. This allows me to do acoustic analysis of the great singers more quickly.  I will be able to begin my series on the great singers relatively soon.

Happy reading!

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