Kashu-do (歌手道): Detox Diet Week 2: 8-14 June 2011 (X-post from Kashu-do Detox Diet)

I took a little time to check a few things the second week.  I confirmed that fish is friendly to my body and in fact so is chicken.  But I have decided that it takes my body too long to process chicken and that then causes mild reflux symptoms.  I will remain mostly vegetarian, with the option to eat fish occasionally.  In truth, nothing feels more pleasant than eating fruits and vegetables and non-wheat grain. It is good that I love rice, corn and oatmeal.  
The effect on my voice is exciting.  My students noticed it right away.  Every day gets better and I am itching to post something, but I am being patient and allowing the voice to heal totally. It is in fact getting quite easy to sing, but I perceive it is not yet beautiful enough for my taste.
My abstinence from wheat (gluten) and dairy is producing more than vocal benefits (I perceive gluten to be the main issue, but avoiding dairy seems prudent as well).  I used to have razor bumps and altogether chronic dry skin.  That is no longer the case.  My students both in Europe and New York notice a visible difference in my general appearance.  I have also noticed the disappearance of other toxins.
I wrote in an early post on the main blog (can’t seem to find it at the moment) at the beginning of my blogging, some three years ago, that great technique begins with great health.  I believe this more than ever.  To be able to wake up in the morning and know that I could sing if I had to is very encouraging.  I am beginning to truly feel the level of my technical achievements now that my folds are no longer so swollen and thickened with mucous on a daily basis.  The awful part is that I had been suffering from this for so long that I did not recognize it as so awful.  I kept assuming there was something else.  Indeed my chronically swollen folds is what gave the impression I was a bass-baritone.  
I anticipate it will require more than two weeks for the effects of a lifetime of gluten poisoning to be completely eradicated.  I hope it will not be a lifetime.  It is also fun to demonstrate for my tenors especially in a way that gives them further confidence in what we are working on.
More to come!  I beg your patience with the clips! I have recorded one today that I felt wanted to post, but I do not want to give any disclaimers.  I want to put something out, preferably with piano accompaniment that is in performance mode.  
© 06/14/2011

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