Kashu-do (歌手道): Pray for Salvatore Licitra’s Recovery!

Four months ago, I had dinner in New York, with Salvatore Licitra, his brother, cousin and a close friend of his who introduced me.  It was one of those unforgettable nights that makes one think: “What a remarkably charming guy!”  Salvatore has this amazing ability, like the best of Italians, to bring sunshine to a room, in the middle of a rainy night in Manhattan.  A month later, we met in Berlin after he brought the house down at the Deutsche Oper in an unforgettable Tosca that I wrote about here on this blog.

Our art is a mysterious one, a multi-faceted one full of singular souls.  In our times it has been difficult for such great, talented singers to fully develop, either because of the dysfunctions of the business or the loss of hope among singers themselves.  Between the Toscas in New York (which I only heard about) and that night in Berlin, it would seem that Salvatore had found his stride.  As an opera-lover I was and am determined to see any performance he will give.  As a person, I was totally taken by the guy–Not because of his fame.  I could not care less about such things.– Because of his humanity, his exceptional joie de vivre, and his particular gift for making everyone around him feel like the world is a good place to be in.

Now he is resting in a hospital, recovering from a moped accident.  It was a serious accident!  But a guy with that kind of light does not get taken out by an accident.  In such cases, I believe totally in the power of group meditation.  We are thousands who make up this blog and I believe that our positive vibes sent to Salvatore in Catania, Sicily will go a long way in helping to power up his spirit after this.

We had become really good acquaintances and I believe we were becoming real friends.  I want the opportunity to develop that friendship and the opportunity to see this great Spinto finish the job of taking his place in the Pantheon of great Italian Tenors.  I urge you to send your most beautiful energy Salvatore’s way!


Berlin, 2011.08.30

One thought on “Kashu-do (歌手道): Pray for Salvatore Licitra’s Recovery!

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  1. Sending good wishes by the thousands his way – a wonderful artist, and although I don't know him personally, any friend of yours, my dear, is automatically someone I care about!!

    Katy x x x


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