FYI (For Your Information)

Hello Dear Friends,

Some of you who receive the blog by email may have experienced problems when I changed the Blog URL.  I have placed a new gadget for “Follow by Email”.  I recommend you use that gadget if you have problems.  Sorry for any problems!  I thought it would be a smoother transition.

I apologize if my writing has been less frequent.  I have been teaching an average of 10 hours daily (sometimes more) and practicing, and coaching and Kung Fu/Tai Chi  and writing the book and creating the new Kashu-do Website and attempting to have a private life as well.  None of this is bad, it simply requires an adjustment!

I have lots of technical blogs that I have begun but have not had time to complete them.  I look forward to addressing some fun issues including “Articulation and Resonance”, “Tongue and Jaw–Primary Tension or Secondary Symptom”, “Formant Tracking: A Compound Resonance Strategy”.

With a great deal more information now available to me, I will eventually make good on my plan to acoustically analyze the Great Legends.

There will also be many more clips of my own development as I am now in the middle of more precise fine-tuning efforts.  It will be a most exciting next few months!

All the best,


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