Kashu-do (歌手道): Top Ten Countries Reading Kashu-do! Thank you and much more!

First I would like to thank everyone who reads the blog.  Although I can write in 8 languages and hoped to translate the blog into as many languages as possible, time does not allow right now.  So with Google, we can do the next best thing.  I added a “Translate The Blog” gadget (to the write of the body of the post) so you can read the blog in your own language (Thank you Google!) Some of the most exciting developments with Kashu-do are happening this year, including our new Opera Seminar in Sweden this summer, offering lessons in more places in the world, developing Kashu-do Training Seminars for Voice Teachers, etc.  I just wanted to take the time to thank you all and just for fun list the top 10 countries reading the blog over it’s existence.

USA:  Thank you
UK:  Thank you (imagine different accent)
Deutschland:  Danke schön
Canada:  Thank you, merci (Québécois)
Sweden: Tack så mycket
Brazil: Obrigado
Taiwan: 非常感谢
Norway: Tusen takk
France: merci
Australia:  Thanks mate! (totally different accent)

United States
United Kingdom
Ours is the first blog to deal with vocal technique (although other websites have been around long before us).  Because of your interaction, the blog has become very important to over 200,000 readers worldwide.  Blog readership actually grows even though I have written less frequently.  Our journey is entering a truly exciting phase as many of my students have become very successful teachers themselves and our philosophy of “technical inclusion” and hard work is spreading.  There will be more audio and video clips, more spectrograms, more refining techniques as well as opening up our techniques to many over the internet.  
I began writing the blog as a means of clarifying the often paradoxical nature of the science of the voice and it has transformed to a place of international interaction.   The blog reports we have 180 members, but our tracking information shows thousands of unique users.  So click here to become a member, so we have a truer reflection of our readership!
Looking forward to a more active blog in the next few months.
All the best and thank you in all languages for making this blog a success!

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