Upcoming Kashu-do Activities

17-18 February 2018:  Berlin — This coming weekend I will be in Berlin for two days of teaching.
email me for information and lessons!

26-27 February 2018:  Göteborgs Operan — I will be teaching at the Gothenburg Opera on Monday and Tuesday 26-27 February, hosted by my colleague Erik Enqvist, tenor.

4-10 March 2018:  Winter Bel Canto Intensive in Nyland (Kramfors) Sweden at my house:  I will be joined by my colleagues Anna Niedbala, soprano and Brandon Eldredge, Conductor-Pianist for an intensive week of singing and coaching, analyzing Bel Canto Principles from a science-based perspective.  We will be analyzing the significance of words like Appoggio, Lotta vocale, legato, morbidezza, voce di testa, voce di petto, etc, in terms of a total philosophy and not as separate words. There are a couple of spots left for this course.   Click here for more Information!

17-19 March 2018:  London — I will be hosted by my colleague Meta Powell, dramatic sopranoemail me for information and lessons!

4-8 April 2018:  Spring Vocal Technique Intensive in Vienna:  I will be joined by Anna Niedbala, soprano and Ekaterina Nokkert, pianist.  For more information contact: Ekaterina Nokkert

We will be offering two 2-week summer sessions 8-22 July and  30 July-12 August.  More information this week!

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