Vocal Technique and Interpretation Intensive in Valencia

My dear colleagues, Anna Maria Niedbala, soprano and Kanako Kanagawa, pianist, and I are thrilled to offer a new Vocal Technique and Interpretation Intensive in Valencia, Spain, 24-30 October 2021. It’s a joy to share our experiences, in part trough the great vocal writing of Franz Schubert. Few composers understood the human voice as expertly as Schubert, who was a singer and often accompanied himself on the guitar. The three of us, like so many singers, have fallen in love with at least a few of Schubert’s more than 600 songs. There is something for every voice type, every musical personality, every emotional state of being. Schubert deeply admired Rossini, who was in Vienna at the same time as he. Schubert wrote songs in Italian including to the poetry of the great Italian wordsmith and librettist, Pietro Metastasio. This is a composer steeped in the Bel Canto to such an extent that it is difficult not to find his influence in Bellini and Verdi and beyond.

Listen to the beginning of the song Kriegers Ahnung from Schubert’s last songs and compare to the beginning of Lucia’s Mad Scene:

I am equally excited to share the city of Valencia, which has become my home. During the week of the course, Singer’s will have the option to visit the beautiful opera house to see Handel’s Partenope presented by Le Jardin des voix, led by William Christie, the baroque ensemble based in the Palace of Versailles. Incidentally several of my students graduated from the ensemble. Also, mezzosoprano Joyce Didonato will be in town to present a recital at the opera house as well, on the last day of the course.

There will be time to experience the world’s best paella, at Casa Carmela, in the city that invented the paella. Casa Carmela has been delivering Valencia’s foremost paella for more than 90 years. It’s an institution. But order in advance if you are coming. They are very popular!

Furthermore, at the end of October, the sea is still warm and it would be a shame not to take a dip in the Mediterranean before leaving.

Kanako, Anna and I often speak about the masterclasses that provided us room for unforgettable experiences. We want to provide such a space for our students to find those moments for themselves.

Come discover with us!

Click on the following link for more information! Bienvenid@s a Valencia!


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