Kashu-do (歌手道): A Master Class In Berlin, February 18-21, 2010: A more objective approach to vocal technique

Dear Friends,

As I have received quite a few suggestions and requests for a master class, particularly from the European readers, I have decided to offer a master class in conjunction with Berlin International Opera, a young opera company in Berlin that specializes in treating operatic masterworks in very innovative ways.
The master class will be in two parts: Morning sessions (three hours with a half-hour break) that deal with vocal science (anatomy and acoustics) and afternoon hands-on sessions (four hours with a half hour break) dealing with individual singers in a standard master class format.
The afternoon sessions will include real-time visualization of acoustic and glottal information, utilizing VoceVista that can be referred to, to complement aural diagnoses.
The class is open to vocal pedagogues and singers of all levels. Participants may take part as performers or may attend the scientific portion only or may participate in both portions.
I will be assisted by Berlin International Opera Music Director, Kanako Nakagawa, a pianist-vocal coach of the highest water, and Soprano Lauren Lee, Yoga Instructor with much experience in Alexander Technique and other disciplines, who will address issues of music and the singer’s body as instrument.
Those who participate in the performance portion will take part in a recital on Sunday afternoon February 21, 2010.
The evenings will be free for optional gatherings to informally continue technical discussions and to enjoy the rich artistic and cultural life that Berlin has to offer.
Because of the international nature of such master classes, it seems practical that English should be the official language of the course. However I speak French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and our music director, Kanako Nakagawa speaks excellent Japanese besides Fluent English and German. Between all of us, I am sure communication will not be a problem.
More complete information will be available on the Berlin International Opera website in the coming weeks. And I will continually update here on the blog.
For further information, please email me, Jean-Ronald LaFond, toreadorssong@gmail.com and please CC to info@berlininternationalopera.de
I am looking to meeting many of you in Berlin in February 2010.
All the best,
Dr. Jean-Ronald LaFond

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